Until she retired, Julie Muller taught English and American literature at the Free U. of Amsterdam graduate school. Her PhD thesis was published as Words and Music in Henry Purcell's First Semi-Opera, Dioclesian (Lewiston, NY,1990) and the text of that opera appeared in Henry Purcell's Operas: The Complete Texts ed. Michael Burden (Oxford, 2000). She has also written extensively in Dutch and English on English song texts from the Renaissance to the present.

Publications in English

Max van Egmond, baritone, biography and discography, English version of the 1984 book in Dutch, including a 1984-2016 supplement and an appendix on singing by Max van Egmond, whose own website can be found at www.maxvanegmond.com

Nico Richter, Dutch composer (1915-1945), English version of the 2003/2010 biography in Dutch.

Words and Music in Henry Purcell's First Semi-Opera Dioclesian, Lewiston NY 1990, Edwin Mellen Press.

“ Music as Meaning in The Tempest” in Reclamations of Shakespeare, ed. A.J.Hoenselaars, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1994.

“Dioclesian” in Henry Purcell's Operas: The Complete Texts, ed. Michael Burden, Oxford 2000, Clarendon Press.



Seattle 2006

Photograph Lee Talner, Seattle 2006

Julie and Frans were married in 1956. They have three children; their first grandchild was born in 1989. Their first great-grandchild was born in September 2017.

Collaborative publications in English

“Purcell’s Dioclesian on the Dorset Garden Stage” in Performing the Music of Henry Purcell, ed. M.Burden, Oxford 1996, Oxford University Press.

“Completing the Picture: The Importance of Reconstructing Early Opera” in Early Music XXXIII / 4 (2005).

“Early Opera: Production and Counter-production”, originally written for the Early Music magazine Goldberg, found after its demise at Early Music World.

Amadigi di Gaula review of the production for the 2012 Handel Festival in Göttingen, in BSECS, the online magazine of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.

l’Ipermestra review of the production for the 2014 Festival of Baroque Arts in Ceský Krumlov, in BSECS.

Tamerlano and Alcina review of the productions by the Dutch National Opera of Handel’s Tamerlano and Alcina , Amsterdam 2015 in BSECS

Imeneo review of the production for the 2016 Handel Festival in Göttingen, in BSECS.

Collaborative lectures

Holland against England:” English version of a lecture for the Utrecht Early Music Festival 2015.

Genealogy. Relationships between royal families in both countries.

Aemstelrande concerts

We had a concert series for thirty-five years. These are the programs.


Julie & Frans Muller

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Frans Muller is an interior architect and scene designer, now retired. Since the eighties he has focused on historical theatre and theatre design research. His main interest lies in late seventeenth- century English opera.

He constructed a scale model of the stage of the London Dorset Garden Theatre, showing the scenery for the finale of Purcell and Betterton's Dioclesian, which premiered there. His reconstruction of this masque was published i.a. in the BBC 3 Yearbook 1995. He used the model also as the background for computer animations of his reconstructed scenes from Dioclesian, King Arthur and The Fairy Queen (The Chinese Garden, see Early MusicXXXIII/4).

He has also compiled a database of illustrations relevant to baroque theatre, a subject about which he and his wife both write and lecture.

Publications in English

“Flying Dragons and Dancing Chairs at Dorset Garden: Staging Dioclesian” in Theatre Notebook, magazine of the Society for Theatre Research, Vol. 47 (1993), No. 2.

“The Proscenium Doors in the Duke's Theatre Lincoln's Inn Fields” in Theatre Notebook, Vol. 66 (2012) No. 2.


Dioclesian, 5th Act masque, finale.

King Arthur, 5th Act masque, finale.

The Fairy Queen, 5th Act masque, finale.